Ryan Hoover

"Untitled 6" at Randall Scott Projects
August, 2014

Location: Randall Scott Projects
Address: 216 West Read St, Baltimore
Dates: July 16th - August 8th
Opening Reception: Thursday July 16th 6:00-8:00
Artists: Stephanie Barber, Ryan Hoover, Benjamin Kelley, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann

"RandallScottProjects announces our next installment in the Untitled group exhibition series, Untitled no. 6 featuring the works of Stephanie Barber, Ryan Hoover, Benjamin Kelley and Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann. The exhibition will open July 16th and run through August 8th.

RandallScottProjects Untitled Series of group exhibitions consists of an unlikely grouping of artists whose work may, or may not play well with each other. That has not stopped us from doing it anyway. Each artist's work stands apart on its merits, but placed in a group dynamic crates dialogue. The Untitled series is about creating the relationships between artists visually and conceptually."

"BioPrinting Breakout
May 5, 2015

A big thanks goes out to the sponsors, volunteers, speakers, and co-organizers who made the BioPrinting Breakout such a grat success. The internatinal lineup of experts combined with the great energy and audience at the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space made this a truely unique event.

BioPrinting Breakout is a workshop on bioprinting and 3D tissue engineering designed to bring scientists into the public to talk about their work and kick start new initiatives related to this technology. Expert researchers in this field present their work and lead hands-on demos for an audience of other scientists, engineers, artists, makers and hackers.

More information and videos of the 2015 talks can be found at BioPrintingBreakout.com.

Proposals for BioPrinting Breakout 2016 will be accepted starting in Oct 2015.

"The State of Making" on BmoreArt
August 12, 2014

Ben Andrew wrote a great story on the Maker movement which was recently published on BmoreArt. The essay is well researched and it presents projects and perspectives from people active in the Baltimore Maker community and beyond.

see also: "Technologically Disposed" by Benjamin Andrew and Ian MacLean Davis

"Open Culture" at Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto
May 19th, 2014

Location: Subtle Technologies Festival 2014
Address: LIB 72 Ryerson University, Toronto
Festival Dates: May 20th - May 31st
Presentation Date: Saturday, May 24th 3:30
Presentation Topic: BioPrinter Development at the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space

Subtle Technologies is a gathering of scientists, technologists, engineers, artists and the general public. We share cross-disciplinary ideas, explore new technologies, showcase creativity and incubate the next generation of thinkers at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Looking at art, science and DIY culture "Open Culture" will investigate the tools and techniques of harnessing collective knowledge and creativity. The festival will explore the ways artists and scientists are creating and making use of tools and techniques to harness the collective power, knowledge and creativity of the citizen. Bringing together artists and scientists who are working in these domains will open streams of dialogue leading to increased collaboration between artists and scientists who are interested in contribution of an engaged public.

Slides from the talk: BioPrinter Development at the Baltimore Under Ground Science Space

"ambi-mimetics" at Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington DC
April 2nd, 2014

Location: Hamiltonian Gallery
Address: 1353 U Street NW, Washington, DC
Exhibition Dates: April 5th - May 10th
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 5th 7:00-9:00
Artist Talk: Tuesday, April 22th 7:00
Solo Exhibition

In ambi-mimetics, Ryan Hoover explores the intersection of science, technology and art through 3D printed objects that simulate nature. An extension of his work in 3D printed biological materials, Hoover’s tree-like sculptures and drawings are given their physical form using a written algorithm that mimics natural growth patterns. This complex series of mimicry opens up a dialogue about collapsing and compounding simulations. Hoover writes, “As the limits to what we can make and manipulate fall away like calving glaciers, our ethical responsibilities and our need to imagine the future become even more profound.”

BmoreArt: "Technologically Disposed" by Benjamin Andrew and Ian MacLean Davis
Washington Post: "Galleries: ‘ambi-mimetics’" by Mark Jenkins

"Baltimore Artists + WPA + Mera Rubell = LOVE"
at Marianne Boesky Gallery, NYC
January 7th , 2014

Location: Marianne Boesky Gallery
Address: 118 E 64th Street
Dates: January 11th - January 18th
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 11th 6:00-8:00
Curator: Mera Rubell
Artists: Amanda Burnham, Michelle Dickson, Dave Eassa, Alex Ebstein, Cliff Evans, Sean FitzPatrick, Ryan Hoover, Jason Hughes, Tiffany Jones, Gary Kachadourian, Magnolia Laurie, Curtis Miller, Cara Ober, Rachel Rotenberg, Ginevra Shay, Jo Smail, Ryan Syrell, Alessandra Torres, Stewart Watson

WPA is pleased to announce the exclusive preview exhibition of SELECT 2014 works chosen by Mera Rubell, Co-Founder of the Rubell Family Collection. From January 11 through January 18, 2014, Marianne Boesky Gallery‘s uptown space (118 E 64th Street) will host "Baltimore Artists + WPA + Mera Rubell = LOVE", an exhibition featuring the 25 works chosen through the 36 Studios/36 Hours adventure.

Baltimore Sun: Art collector Mera Rubell tours 37 Baltimore art studios in 36 hours
BmoreArt: Scene Seen: Photos from WPA + Baltimore + Mera Rubell at Marianne Boesky NY

"The Land Has Many Parts" at JDG, Santa Barbara
January 5th, 2014

Location: Jane Deering Gallery
Address: 128 E Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Dates: January 15 - February 15
Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 15th 6:00-8:00
Artists: Amanda Burnham, Kerry Gorton Evans, Jacob Hessler, Ryan Hoover, Julian Kreimer, Magnolia Laurie, Rosemary Liss, Adin Murray, Susan McNally, Michael Porter, Kim Parr Roenigk Christina Seely, Sommer Sheffield, Ro Snell, Emily Speed, Joan Tanner, Hazel Walker

Artist in this exhibition "communicate their notion of land through an inventory of their own observations, real or imagined. What does the contemporary artist see in the landscape? Their interpretations articulate new visions, new connections and speak as much to the illusory, the nostalgic, the fantastic as to the real and the ruined, raising questions about how we interact with the land and what consequences this might have for the environment and, ultimately, the landscape."

SCENE Magazine: "Landscape, Revisited and Rethought" by Josef Woodard, SCENE Magazine

"Stay In" at FREE PAARKING, St. Loius
September 16th, 2013

Address: 2901 Sidney St. Saint Louis, MO
Dates: September 28 - October 19th
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 28 6:00pm
Curator: Deo Deiparine
Artists: JaNae Contag, Ryan Hoover, Dina Kelberman, Amalia Ulman

"Stay In" takes a contemporary look at issues of surveillance and privacy in our digitally mediated lives.

"Speed and Pressure" at VisArts, Rockville
June 14th, 2013

Location: VisArts Kaplan Gallery
Address: 155 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850
Exhibition Dates: May 22 – July 27
Opening Reception: Friday, May 31 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, July 27 2:00 p.m.
Curated by: Susan Main
Works by: Amita Bhatt, Mei Mei Chang, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Ian MacLean Davis, Dawn Gavin, Joe Giordano, Ryan Hoover, Warren Linn, Brandon Morse, Barry Nemett, Kendall Nordin, Jan Razauskas, Elzbieta Sikorska, Renee van der Stelt, and Alice Whealin

VisArts presents a group exhibition that examines how speed and pressure shape contemporary drawing as an activity and an idea. Ranging from traditional, observational drawing to expanded notions of drawing using algorithmic processes, the artists in this exhibition have in common an engagement with drawing as a primary activity or as the central focus of their creative inquiry..

From the Michael O'Sullivan's thoughtful review in the Washington Post:

You might not guess it from the name, but “Speed and Pressure” is a drawing show. You might not guess it from the work, either.
The group exhibition at VisArts’ Kaplan Gallery includes several examples of traditional drawing media: pen, pencil or charcoal on paper. The word “speed” refers to how a line changes based on how quickly or slowly the hand pushes or pulls the drawing tool; “pressure” to how firmly the tool’s tip is applied to the surface, whether it be paper, plastic film, canvas or wood.
But the show also features sculpture, video animation, installation and performance. While embracing both expected and unexpected forms of picturemaking, “Speed and Pressure” emphasizes the making over the picture.
“Speed and Pressure” includes two elegant abstract works from Ryan Hoover’s “Sculpting With Satellites” series. Despite the name, they’re closer to 3-D drawings than to sculpture. Their flowing paths were created not by pen or pencil, but by the movement of the artist’s body through space.
Each piece began as a walk Hoover took through his Baltimore neighborhood, as recorded by the GPS function of the artist’s iPhone, which creates a record of both vertical and horizontal movement as well as the artist’s traveling speed. The modeling software he uses slightly exaggerates the height of the pieces.
Instead of plotting his path with simple points along a line, Hoover maps his route using a series of flattened ovals, which grow thin where the artist was moving quickly and thicken as he slowed down. The visual effect is that of a Chinese ribbon dance, frozen in space and time.

"Selfie" at Guest Spot, Baltimore
June 8th, 2013

Works by: Julie Benoit, John Bohl, James Bouché, Gina Dawson, Lisa Dillin, Alex Ebstein, Jean Frater, Skye Gilkerson, Lesser Gonzalez, Carl Gunhouse, Ryan Hoover, Jason Hughes, Lou Joseph, Katie Kehoe, Rob de Oude, Jassie Rios, Ginevra Shay, and Amanda Valdez
Exhibition Dates: June 8, 2013 through July 13, 2013
Opening Reception: June 8, 2013 7-10 pm
Hours: Wednesday 5-7 & Saturday 1-5 or by appointment
Location: 1715 North Calvert St. Baltimore, MD

Guest Spot at THE REINSTITUTE is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition SELFIE, which opens on June 8, 2013. SELFIE commemorates Guest Spot’s two years in existence and the exhibition will feature select artists with whom we’ve worked in the past.

SELFIE is a group exhibition that examines the origins of commerce: the principle of trade. All participating artists will create work to trade with each other. The experience relies on the ability of artists to self-determine value, while overcoming the major disadvantages of commerce through the double coincidence of wants* of the barter system. guestspot.org

"Comfort Zone" at Guest Spot, Baltimore
August 19th, 2012

Works by: Grayson Cox, Ryan Hoover, Kim Faler, Chloe Watson
Curated by: Lou Joseph
Exhibition Dates: August 31, 2012 – October 6, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday August 31, 2012 7-10pm
Artist Talk: Saturday October 6, 2012 2-4pm
Hours: Saturdays 1-5pm & Wednesdays 5-7pm or by appt
New Location: 1715 North Calvert Street, Baltimore

Comfort Zone features four artists that re-purpose elements of contemporary domestic life in subtle and distinct ways. By manipulating our usual associations with familiar scenes and objects, they allow us to subtly shift our position. The interior and private are not safe from intrusion; boundaries between personal and public are not fixed. Beyond all, a sense of comfort is presented as the number one goal, hung out as a proverbial carrot by which all manner of major and minor atrocities can take place. The work in this exhibition explores elements of this ceded ground, along with a variety of ways these boundaries have been crossed. Although all four artists push elements of scale and object hood, all share a willingness to veer from playfulness to formality and employ superior craft in their exploration of these tensions, each one communicating his or her own singular and idiosyncratic worldview.


Sondheim Semi-Finalist
March 13th, 2012

It is a great honor to be selected as a semi-finalist for the 2012 Sondheim Prize. There are many amazing artist from the region who are on this list. Congratulations to all the other semi-finalists!

Artist Talk - Sculpting with Satellites at Hamiltonian Gallery in Washinton DC
February 25th, 2012

There is a video online of the artist talks given at Hamiltonian Gallery on January 12th.

Artist Talk: Ryan Hoover from Hamiltonian Artists.

Video of Selin's talk can be watched here.