Ryan Hoover


The works in the "Sculpting with Satellites" series began as walks through the artist’s neighborhood. These travels were tracked via global positioning system. The GPS data was then processed through a script written by the artist that plots this data into 3D modeling software, scaling the points within a Cartesian cube. This generated a path through space with a width that is modulated according to the speed at which he was moving. These were then brought out of digital space by a variety of computer aided machining techniques. The series includes sculptural renderings of these paths, created by the artist using a 3D printer. Other sculptures are selections from these paths, chosen as studies, and created as physical objects by milling and laminating. These objects were then resolved in a sculptural manner, employing an aesthetic sensibility that is rooted in a non-linguistic understanding of space, material, and form.

These spaces and translations were further explored in a series of drawings. Images from this process were captured in the 3D software and etched into acrylic using a laser cutter. These etchings were then in-filled with paint to make the images visible.